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To make things a bit more complicated you jump to and fro regarding several features. Therefore I’ve placed a coordinate system below your head.

Now you look somewhat self-satisfied, you have got things sorted out with yourself and the world around you and now you are considering what to think of such a large-scale project. You want to help to channel the ecological processes properly and not to worsen the ecological problems. What do you think of that project:

BD77PHILAt first there is the question of jobs – 350 of them that do not depend on the season are planned to be brought into the less well-developed area of Crivitz. That is an important argument, and you consider it difficult to do something about it. No politician – neither of the State nor of the region – will be ready to give up the project in favour of nature conservancy for economical and socio-political reasons . Particularly as there is an investor ready to realise the plans and to take the economic risk.