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This learning software has been developed to lead people intersted in environmental politics to dealing with complex and controversially discussed problems of environmental ethics and eco-philosophy. Starting from the case of a controversially discussed investment plan discussions between different subcultures of the “greens” are to be conveyed.

THE STRUCTURE OF THE LEARNING SOFTWARE At first an environmental case is introduced to you. Different people who represent particular types of environmentalists will assess this case.

A large touristic project serves as the case:

In December 1995 the Government of Mecklenburg-Pomerania (Germany) approved the development plan of Europeâs largest amusement park. On an area of 280 hectares in the upper reaches of the river Warnow, in the neighbourhood of a nature reserve the Holiday-Amusement-Sport-Park Crivitz was to be built there with 485 holiday homes, 3,000 beds, a subtropical bathing temple, a golf course and a riding centre of an investment sum of almost 500 million mark. The Impact Assessment Expertise (IAE) revealed clearly that damage is to be expected with the building of the amusement park. As regards water it contains the following, for example : The building area borders on the river Warnow and the nature reserve Lake Barniner See. The river provides drinking water for the city of Rostock. From the geomorphologic viewpoint the river Warnow flows through an area that is declared an area of ground water. The IAE predicted a deterioration of the water quality, and a change of the natural water balance – caused by the fertilizing of the golf courses, and a high demand for water for artificial ponds.

The project was supported unanimously by the local politicians of Crivitz. Full of determination they had tried to find an Investor to improve the touristic infrastructure in this less well developed region. Tourism is regarded as the very future chance in Mecklenburg-Pomerania. It is strongly supported on the part of the Government of the Land. As large  units with various leisure-time offers follow the current trend, the local politicians of Crivitz had the conception of  Center-Park® in mind. Parks of this kind make good profits at the moment. They especially attract families with children from big cities.

After you  have been made familiar with the case, you will meet different people. The system of values of each person is defined with the help of three pairs of features. When moving from one person to the other there is a conversion in one or two of these pairs. Starting from the position of a scientific expert in ecology you will move into the head of other persons who have different opinions according to the special frame of their environmental ethics.